Spade Drill Bits Long

Use Spade drill bits long for rough boring in wood.

Ideal for:
Soft wood, Hard wood, Timber

Use Spade drill bits long for rough boring in wood. Cutting spurs give cleaner cuts in heavily grained wood. Because of their simple construction they are relatively inexpensive and ideal for DIY use. Spade drill bits long are suited for drilling large holes, where other bit types get expensive. They cannot be used to widen existing holes. It is possible to get a nice neat hole with a flat bit but the exit is usually messy. To prevent this use a backing block or drill from the other side once the central point breaks through.

General tips:
• A pumping action is needed to remove the waste sawdust and wood chips.
• Use slow rotation speed to prevent overheating.
• A stop-start action is needed to avoid overheating.


Code Description Size Qty
4BA60U D/BIT SPADE FLAT TI 10.0x300mm Q:1
4BB60U D/BIT SPADE FLAT TI 12.0x300mm Q:1
4BC60U D/BIT SPADE FLAT TI 16.0x300mm Q:1
4BD60U D/BIT SPADE FLAT TI 18.0x300mm Q:1
4BE60U D/BIT SPADE FLAT TI 22.0x300mm Q:1